For the health of our dancers, families and community during the COVID-19 pandemic it is imperative that dancers respect our COVID-19 re-opening practices and procedures.  Please familiarize yourself and your dancer with these.  Dancers will need to stay home when not feeling well as well as respect masking, hygiene and social distancing practices. 


COVID-19  Re-Opening Procedures


Class sizes are limited to accommodate physical distancing.  We are following reopening recommendations and guidelines of DanceUSA and the Maine DECD & CDC for Gyms and Exercise Facilities.


Class sizes are limited to accommodate 14 spacing.


Drop-ins cannot be accommodated at this time.


Dancers should arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of class.


Dancers should arrive dressed for class with hair done and should bring their own water bottles.


Before entry, dancers will be asked a series of screening questions.  Please do not come to class if you are sick.


Our waiting area will be closed at this time.  Parents may drop dancers off or may wait in their cars.  Parents should plan to meet dancers at the main entrance at the end of class time.


Dancers are required to wear masks for entrance and travel through the building.


Upon entry dancers must remove their shoes and wash/sanitize their hands.


Dancers will be directed to designated waiting spots distanced 6 feet apart from fellow students until their studio is open.


Dancers will enter the studio one at a time where they will be directed to a dance area which will be distanced 14 feet apart from fellow students.  Any items a dancer enters with except street shoes will stay with them within their designated dance area.


Masks are required while dancing.


Upon the conclusion of class dancers will gather their belongings and exit the studio one at time.  At the conclusion of class time, parents of younger students are asked to make their way toward the front doors, maintaining 6 foot distancing to meet your child.


We have increased cleaning and disinfecting of our facility.


Due to space constraints in order to accommodate physical distancing, dancers wishing to make up a missed class must first check in with the studio to see if there is available space.  In some cases there make up classes will/can be made virtually.


Please note that our COVID-19 related procedures and practices are subject to change based on local, state and federal guidance.


Due to COVID-19 our calendar looks a bit different this season and is subject to change. Some events have been removed from the calendar such as Bring a Friend Week and Peek Week.  If we are able to offer adjusted versions of these events announcements will be sent out via email.   Picture Week and Spring Recital dates have also been removed from the calendar as we are not able to book a recital venue at this time due to COVID-19.  Typically our recital takes place the weekend after Memorial Day.  It is our intention to offer a safe performance opportunity for our dancers. We will update dance families in late fall, prior to the Costume Deposit due date, regarding our plans for the Spring Recital and associated activities.  Please note that any closures due to COVID-19 may necessitate adjustments in our Calendar (such as changes to vacation days or planned last day of classes).  We thank you for your flexibility and understanding in advance.