Thomas School of Dance

2023-2024 Policies and Guidelines 


We reserve the right to make changes and additions to our policy throughout the year. 

Payments/Late Fees

All payments are non-refundable; this includes registration, tuition, costume, recital, etc.  Tuition may be paid bi-annually or monthly.  Bi-annual tuition payments are due on or before September 14, 2023 and February 1, 2024.  Monthly installment tuition payments are due in advance of classes, on the 1st day of each month, with the exceptions of September and January; monthly tuition for September is due on or before the 14th and monthly tuition for January is due on or before January 2nd.  Please note tuition bills are not sent out monthly.   Any tuition fees not received within 7 days of their due date will result in a $10 late fee and dancers whose account has an overdue balance will not be able to take class.  All 4, 6, 8 and 10 week class/workshop fees, private lesson fees and drop-ins must be paid in full prior to the session/at the time of class. All balances must be paid by May 1, 2024 in order for dancers to participate in the spring recital.  There is a $35 fee for any check returned with insufficient funds.




Canceling Enrollment 

In the event that you wish to cancel enrollment in an ongoing class, please inform us in writing  7 days prior to the end of the month to avoid any further tuition charges.  If paying monthly, account holders are required to pay the full monthly installment of the final month in which they take classes.





Parents/guardians will have the opportunity to observe their children in classes during Peek Week.   We cannot accommodate regular observation of classes outside of Peek Week.  Guardians are welcome to drop their dancer off at the studio for class time or they may wait in our lower-level waiting area.





Studio tours must be arranged with the studio director in advance.  We are unable to accommodate drop-in tours.




Recital and Costume Fees

There will be a $50 deposit due per costume due on November 1st and any balance remaining will be due on February 1st along with the $30 recital participation fee.  Costumes, including tights and taxes generally run between $65 and $90 each.  Each recital performance class in which a student is enrolled will generally have a separate costume.  We do not automatically bill for the costume deposit.  For more detailed information regarding our recital practices and expectations please see our “Performances” page of our website http://thomasschoolofdance.com/events.




Snow Day/Weather Cancellations/Make-up classes

If we must cancel classes due to inclement weather, we will post a message on our website, on Facebook, and on our voicemail by 2:00 pm.   We do not close automatically if school is canceled.  If dance class is canceled due to weather, or a dancer cannot attend their regular class due to illness, etc., he/she may take another class of the same or similar level within a week of the missed or canceled class.  




Drop Off/Arrival & Pick Up 

Dancers may be dropped off/arrive up to fifteen minutes prior to the start of their first class time but no earlier.  Dancers should be picked up  at the conclusion of their last class of the day/evening.  Any dancers picked up more than 10 minutes late following their last class may be subject to a fee of $10 for each additional ten minutes late.  Older dancers may wait at the dance studio in between their classes.




Medications and Substances

Please notify us of any prescription medications, such as inhalers, your student requires while at the studio.  Students may not share medications. Alcohol, tobacco, tobacco substitute products, marijuana, and illegal substances are prohibited at Thomas School of Dance and Thomas School of Dance events.




Health/Injury Communication

At Thomas School of Dance, it is important to us to advocate for the health and safety of our dancers.  As dancers ourselves, we know that if injuries are not properly attended to, treated, or rested, these injuries can have a lasting, negative impact on our bodies. We strive for communication among dancers, teachers and parents with regard to dancers’ health/injuries.  If an injury is reported to a teacher during class, the teacher will make a written record of the reported injury and of his or her resulting actions- such as an ice pack was applied, or the dancer was asked to sit out the remainder of class.  This report will be given to the receptionist, who will then contact the parent/guardian and other dance teachers who have the student in class. You can help out by letting us know of any injuries that have occurred outside of class that may impact your child’s movement and by keeping us informed of any recommendations/movement restrictions given by your child’s medical professional.




Picture Week

Recital photographs are taken during class time in the spring: please see the TSD Calendar for picture week dates http://thomasschoolofdance.com/2020-calendar.  We have found this to be the least disruptive way to schedule dance pictures for our families; it also allows our teachers to pose their students appropriately for portraits.  Most regular classes do not have class time during picture week, and generally if they do it is foreshortened.  Dancers wishing to make up this class time may do so in an alternate class if they choose; please see our make-up class policy.  A schedule of which classes will have pictures, including date and time, will be posted in the spring along with a schedule of which classes will have regular class during “picture week.”



Behavioral Expectations & Dismissal  

The safety of our students is the primary concern at Thomas School of Dance.  Students are expected to support the physical and emotional experiences of their peers.  Students are expected to treat each other, faculty & staff, guests, parents and our facility with respect.  Students determined to be endangering the physical or emotional well being of themselves or other students may be dismissed at the discretion of the director of Thomas School of Dance.  In these rare cases, refunds will not be available.




Regular attendance at dance class is important for a dancer’s development.  Please arrive on time for class.  Participation in the warm-up is important to the safety of the dancer.  At the teacher’s discretion, for the safety of the dancer, dancers arriving late to class may be asked to observe instead of participate.  If a student is going to be absent from class please let us know.  Please ensure your older dancer knows that if he/she will only be attending some but not all of his/her daily classes he/she should should inform the person at the front desk about which classes he/she will attend when checking in.



Cellphones (including cameras and video)

Cellphones (including cameras and video) are not to be used during classes or within the studio without teacher permission. They should be off or in silent mode and stored inside dance bags.  Do not take or post photos of any person without their consent. Cellphones are never to be used in bathroom spaces or dressing rooms at the studio or any performance venue.




Additional Information

To help keep our dance studio floors clean, please remove your shoes when you enter. Dancers’ and guardians’ street shoes must be removed before traveling past the reception desk, including to our waiting areas.



Water bottles only are allowed in the dance studios.  Please, no food or drinks other than water in the studios.  Please do bring a water bottle!



Please label your dancer’s shoes, water bottle and anything else they may be brining to the studio with them.  This will help us out tremendously if there is a shoe mix-up or if your dancer leaves something behind at the studio.




COVID-19 Policy

For the health of our dancers, families and community it is imperative that dancers respect our COVID-19 practices and procedures and understand that these may change as CDC, state and local guidelines change.  Dancers will need to stay home when not feeling well.




Check out our online calendar http://thomasschoolofdance.com/2020-calendar

for a full list of vacation days, fee deadlines, and other important dates.



Dress Code

Please see “Dress Code” page of our website. Dress Code 2023-2024